Friday Harbor Laboratories

Contact Information

Friday Harbor Laboratories

620 University Road

Friday Harbor, WA 98250

206-543-1484 or 360-378-2165

Fax: 206-543-1273

Caretakers: Mike & Michelle Herko: 360-298-0220 (cell)

Administration Resident Scientists FHL Advisory Committee
Staff Postoctoral Fellows FHL Executive Committee
Graduate Students FHL Advancement Board


Billie J. Swalla, Director 206-616-0764 email
Megan Dethier, Associate Director for Academics and the Environment 206-543-8096 email
Mark Tetrick, Administrator 206-616-0708 email

Resident Scientists

Robert Andersen email Claudia Mills email
Emily Carrington email Trish Morse email
Megan Dethier email Garrett Odell email
David Duggins email Ken Sebens email
Victoria Foe email Craig Staude email
Carolyn Friedman email Richard Strathmann email
H. Gary Greene email Adam Summers email
Danny Grunbaum email Billie Swalla email
Jason Hodin email Pedro Verdugo email
Terrie Klinger email Dennis Willows email
Sandy Wyllie-Echeverria email

Postdoctoral Fellows

Petra Ditsche email Hilary Hayford email
Colette Feehan email Louise McGarry email
Anne Gothmann email


Rachel Anderson Advancement Coordinator 206-616-0760 email
Alan Cairns Senior Computer Specialist 206-616-0704 email
Meegan Corcoran Marine Operations Manager 206-616-0697 email
Kathy Cowell Whiteley Center Coordinator 206-616-0752 email
Fred Ellis Maintenance Supervisor 206-616-0756 email
Mike & Michelle Herko Caretakers 360-378-3482 email
Bernadette Holthuis Program Coordinator 206-221-4098 email
Pema Kitaeff Dive Safety Officer 206-543-0876 email
Kari Koski K-12 Program   email
Kristy Kull Boat Safety Officer 206-543-0876 email
Lorraine Littlewood Fiscal Specialist   email
Stacy Markman Student Coordinator 206-616-0753 email
Jeannie Meredith Scientific Stores Attendant &
Library Assistant
Maureen Nolan Librarian 206-685-2126 email
Jenny Roberts K-12 Program   email
Mark Tetrick Administrator 206-616-0708 email
Laurie Spaulding Manager of Dining Hall 206-616-0698 email
Craig Staude FHL Synoptic Collection Curator 206-543-1484 email
Aimee Urata Fiscal Specialist 206-616-0699 email
Lee Ann Walch Custodian Supervisor   email

Graduate Students

Katie Dobkowski email Will King email
Zander Fodor email Alex Lowe email
Matt George email Shawn Luttrell email
Lyda Harris email Derek Smith email
Eliza Heery email Joshua Swore email
Rebecca Guenther email Kevin Turner email
Jaquan Horton email Chris Wells email

FHL Advisory Committee

Beth Brainerd Miles Logsdon
Megan Dethier Rachel Merz
Colette Feehan Bruno Pernet
Carolyn Friedman Chris Wells

FHL Executive Committee

Emily Carrington Terrie Klinger
Megan Dethier Adam Summers
David Duggins Billie Swalla
Carolyn Friedman Ken Sebens
Danny Grunbaum