Friday Harbor Laboratories
last modified Oct. 14, 2016

Research Apprenticeship and Research Experience Programs:
Spring or Autumn Quarter at Friday Harbor Laboratories

For Undergraduates and Post-Baccalaureates

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With funding from the Mary Gates Endowment and other sources, Friday Harbor Laboratories (FHL) is pleased to offer research training opportunities for undergraduates and recent post-baccalaureates.

The program's parameters:

Intensive research training experience, undergraduate credits from University of Washington.

 Students facing financial constraints in any quarter may apply for financial assistance from FHL. Awards are based on both financial need and academic merit.

 Students from University of Washington may be eligible for funding from the Mary Gates Endowment for Students ($3000 for a 15-credit FHL research apprenticeship or $1250 for a 6-credit research experience).

 Live and work at Friday Harbor Laboratories, world-renowned marine science research facility on 484-acre biological preserve, San Juan Island, Washington (75 miles northwest of Seattle).

 Excellent student/faculty ratio: Each team of 5-16 students led by 1-3 faculty mentors plus 1-2 Research Assistants (RAs are grad students or post-docs).

Students should consult with their advisor prior to registration.

The Research Apprenticeship Teams at Friday Harbor Laboratories were awarded the University of Washington


for outstanding collaborative achievements in teaching and fostering excellent learning.

"This award recognizes a program that gives University of Washington undergraduates a research experience of unique intensity, focus and independence. The Friday Harbor formula - three months at a superb marine biology field station, small research teams, dedicated faculty mentors - changes students' lives and launches careers in research."

Applications are welcome from undergraduates or post-baccalaureates from any academic institution. Applicants do not need to be currently enrolled at the University of Washington or at any other university or college. See Application Information for further details.

Research apprenticeships are offered only in spring and autumn quarters -- not in summer.

TRANSCRIPTS: Click here for information about requesting transcripts after you complete your FHL course.

Comments from Research Apprentices

In a survey of all past Research Apprentices, 94% rated the value of the program to their career as "Excellent" or "Very Good."

"These apprenticeship courses are fantastic. They allow the student to actually participate in scientific research and show us the way to learn more than we had thought possible in one quarter."

"I would not trade the experience for anything. It changed how I view science completely."

"I learned how to collaborate with a group and work independently, gained experience in various scientific techniques and wrote my first scientific paper."

"I am so glad I had the opportunity to come here, it is the highlight of my year and something I never could have imagined beforehand. I feel privileged to have studied here."

"This is an ideal place to study, live and research."

"A wonderful and inspirational introduction to research!"

"It was an incredible experience ... It gave me the passion to stick with biology - the real work is not out of a textbook and my time at FHL really made that clear."

"I really can do independent research!"

"With the small class size I was able to interact with the professors and RAs at a level I've never known before."

"Just an absolutely amazing experience - and fun!"

"Great facilities, nice community, beautiful location, all the equipment!"

"The community at FHL has been a wonderful part of this experience. Living with people who love science and come to science with different backgrounds and perspectives has been wonderful. I have never been involved in a course I have loved so much and in which I have learned so much."

"It was great to have so much personal attention in this small group ... Gained great experience in giving presentations and presenting scientific papers ... I am proud of what I have learned and achieved."

"I consider my experience at FHL to be the most valuable of my academic career."

Tom Kang, a former Research Apprentice, reported:

"Our lives were immersed in science, meal times were filled with discussion about the day's results and new experiments in progress. Students from across the country joined us for brief periods, all with unique and interesting subjects of study."

"If you apply yourself, your time at FHL will be filled with a period of intense growth and development as well as advancement of your skills as a scientist. Working in the tight knit community will redefine your understanding of a team concept and open your eyes to the potential that a focused group with a singular goal can have.''