Friday Harbor Laboratories

Research Fellowships and Scholarships

Fellowship support is available for qualified applicants to conduct independent marine science research at UW-Friday Harbor Laboratories. Funding for graduate student support derives from generous donations by alumni, scientists and friends of Friday Harbor Laboratories. Note: Students wishing to enroll in a course should follow the financial aid procedures outlined in our student application process.

For Graduate Students Conducting Research

For each of the following fellowships, applications are welcome at any time. However, we strongly encourage applicants to apply before February 1 of each year, and awards are generally made in March.

The Patricia L. Dudley Endowment supports research or scholarships for the study of systematics, the structure of marine organisms, or marine invertebrate ecology. It is desirable that findings contribute to the understanding of evolutionary relationships.

The Alan J. Kohn Endowed Fellowship supports research and coursework in invertebrate zoology.

The Charles Lambert Memorial Endowment provides assistance to graduate students for research and/or coursework at FHL that includes cell or developmental biology of marine invertebrates, or any aspect of ascidian biology.

The Brooks and Suzanne Ragen Endowed Scholarship supports graduate or undergraduate students who conduct research or attend a class at Friday Harbor Laboratories.

The Richard and Megumi Strathmann Fellowship supports graduate students working on natural and physical science problems in the Pacific Northwest.

The Stephen and Ruth Wainwright Endowed Fellowship supports research in functional morphology.

To apply for any of these fellowships, please e-mail the five application elements belowto Scott Schwinge before February 1. It is not necessary to specify any particular fellowship, because the FHL Fellowships Committee will make the decisions.

  1. 1. A one-page statement of interest outlining your research objectives
  2. 2. Your CV which includes all previous financial support
  3. 3. A statement of financial need including details of all other support and all anticipated costs for this project and time period
  4. 4. One letter of recommendation sent directly from the writer, and
  5. 5. FHL's Application for Research Facilities.

Applications are strongly encouraged before February 1 of each year. Inquiries should be directed to Scott Schwinge at 206-616-0708. FHL fellowship applications should be addressed to the FHL Fellowship Selection Committee and e-mailed to Scott Schwinge.

Students may apply for fellowship opportunites by contacting these other organizations:

Libbie Hyman Memorial Field Scholarships: This SICB scholarship, in memory of Libbie H. Hyman, one of America’s foremost invertebrate zoologists, provides assistance to students to take courses OR to carry on research on invertebrates at a marine, freshwater, or terrestrial field station. The amount of the award is ~$1500. The application deadline is typically in mid-February.

AMS Student Research Fellowships: The American Microscopical Society Student Research Fellowship funds are designated for summer support of research projects involving microscopy. Two fellowships of $700 each are available. The funds may be used for summer support of any research project involving microscopy. Any undergraduate or graduate student member of AMS is eligible to apply, with the exception of past fellowship recipients. Applications from undergraduates and those from graduates are assessed independently. Awards are made up to a maximum of $700. Deadline for 2010: March 22, noon.

For Students Enrolling in Courses and Apprenticeships

Scholarship and fellowship funding derives from generous donations from alumni and friends of the Laboratories. Financial aid is awarded on the basis of both need and merit, and admission decisions are not influenced by financial aid requirements. Support is available to students attending either undergraduate or graduate-level courses at Friday Harbor Labs. Scholarship and fellowship support is targeted by donors to specific areas of study. (For example, the Marine Science Fund provides support for all courses, and the Fernald Fund supports studies of comparative embryology and larval biology.) Enrolled students can apply to receive financial aid, and we will consider all FHL scholarship and fellowship funds as we evaluate your needs.

The Phycological Society of America offers support to Marine Algae or Marine Phycology students through the Hannah T. Croasdale Fellowship.

Libbie Hyman Memorial Scholarships. This scholarship, in memory of Libbie H. Hyman, one of America’s foremost invertebrate zoologists, provides assistance to students to take courses OR to carry on research on INVERTEBRATES at a marine, freshwater, or terrestrial field station. The application deadline is typically in mid-February.