Why I am thrilled to be a scientist!!!

 Grad student in lab

A group of graduate students in the School of Oceanography were recently asked why they like being a scientist. You might be surprised by some of their answers.


1) To be one of the few people in the world to know a lot about a particular thing.

2) To be able to put all the things I see around me into one picture.

3) Because I just cannot stop asking questions. (My mom says I started doing this at age 2)

4) There is no better way to play as an adult.

5) EVERYTHING is more interesting because you know more about it.

6) I get to spend a lot of time on boats.

7) I get to go on field trips where you collect information from nature.

8) To build an understanding of the world I live in.

9) Being able to find out exciting new things throughout one's life.

10) To serve as a custodian of understanding [knowledge] of the world, and especially to help society preserve it.

11) We study a lot of the major problems in the world today - global warming, ozone hole - and try to help work out solutions.

12) For the opportunity to study important phenomena that may influence life on earth, and make important contributions to society.

13) To add to the human knowledge base.

14) You learn something new everyday.

15) I like to live near the water and work with animals in the water, and the scenery is great.

16) To expand our understanding of how nature "works."

17) I get paid to think about fun puzzles every day.

18) I get to go out on a lot of boats.

19) Doing science is like doing a puzzle.

20) I like to try to figure out ways to solve some of the problems in the world (like problems related to ocean pollution).

21) I like to use to my mind.

22) It is like being an explorer.

23) You get to learn from the mistakes that your make.

24) I get to learn something new everyday and do fun things in the lab.

25) You get to study the way things work in nature.

26) Being allowed to be curious about whatever you want.

27) you never know where your research (explorations) will lead you.

28) I love to explore the underwater world!

29) You never get bored.

30) You get to learn the answer to questions you have about things that happen in nature; even question that your teachers or parents sometimes can't answer.

31) I like trying to find out something new all the time rather than doing a routine job.

32) Even Bill Gates will still have to call me Dr.

33) Wanting to find connections and patterns between separate natural events.

34) Wanting to learn the details that make the world work

35) I believe it is ultimately one of the most purely creative endeavors that one can undertake and have the hope that my work might make a contribution toward a body of knowledge.

36) Getting to do interesting and challenging work in order to answer questions others don't know the answer to.

37) It always [satisfies] me to build a career out of imagination.

38) It can lead to a career that focuses on discovery, excitement, and working outside, with the added bonus of continuous intellectual challenges.


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