FHLSOP Photo Gallery


These are an assortment of pictures taken of students participating in FHLSOP projects.


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    Grade 1: Private Eye
    Magnifying their world 5X
    Grade 2: Is it a plant or an animal?
    Group discussions leading to conclusions
    3rd Grade: Marine Invertebrates
    Megan teaching about plankton
    Jenny discussing "SCUBA" equipment
    "Diver or a Day" for 3rd grade's R/V Centennial Trip
    Watching the divers enter the water
    There they go!
    A hands on experience!
    Clam Dig and Sieve
    Showing off their discovery
    4th Grade: Goldfish Lab to learn about dissolved oxygen and temperature
    Salmon Release at the False Bay Estuary
    "Mock" beach seine
    The importance of bull kelp
    Beach seine
    Finding fish in the net
    Scientists and students identifying fish
    Which fish is this?
    Working together to make an ID
    Fish experts working with kids
    4th grade graphs
    4th grade graphs
    5th Grade: Friday Harbor Marina Water Quality Project
    Studying the direction of the water's movement
    Collecting water samples
    Processing water samples
    Very carefully
    Margo doing a "demo"
    6th Grade: Expert Day
    Expert Day
    Jenny preparing the 6th graders for their field trip
    Soft Sediment field day
    6th graders with their expert in the field
    Loading buckets with water for the sieve
    Did you find any interesting worms?
    Rocky shore survey
    Let's take a closer look
    Along the rocky shore
    Counting animals in a quadrant
    Don't forget to record this 6-rayed star
    7th Grade: DNA Extraction
    The Gray Whale Project
    How could the whale have died?
    Assembling the gray whale skeleton
    8th Grade: Invertebrate Inquiry Project
    FHL Dock Tires Study
    Working as a team
    Shore Crab Study
    Collecting shore crabs
    Counting, measuring and identifying shore crabs
    Sorting the trawl catch aboard the R/V Centennial
    Argyle Stream Study
    Electrophoresis Exploration Project
    Electrophoresis chamber
    Carefully pipetting
    Invasive Mussel Project
    Learning higher level skills
    Accurate measurements
    Northwest Ecology Field Trip
    Looking through the trawl for representatives from many phylums
    Margo helping students with a plankton sample
    Students collecting a plankton sample
    Looking closely at a plankton catch
    Spring Street International School teacher and students
    GBHS Oceanography Field trip
    Using skittles to learn about the photic zone
    Hands on learning with the CTD
    Collecting water samples from niskin bottles
    Dissolved Oxygen Titration
    GBHS student presenting their watershed final project
    GBHS student collecting benthic macroinvertebrates
    Measuring flow in a stream on Lopez
    Testing for nutrient levels