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The Department of Immunology has moved to the new University of Washington Medical Center building at the South Lake Union.  The Cell Analysis Facility (CAF) in now located at SLU building E-382.

We are happy to report that the School of Medicine is committed to maintaining an Aria sorter, LSRII and one Canto in the current H-wing space, which will be joined by the Influx sorter under the supervision of the Department of Pathology. More information can be found on the "Main Campus Flow Core" and the Pathology Flow Cytometry website.

Every effort is being made to ensure a smooth transition as the CAF migrates to SLU, the ISCRM flow core merges with the CAF and the new Pathology Flow Core fills the current flow core space. Information here will be updated as it becomes available.


We are excited to move to the new facility at the SLU campus. The CAF will be located on the 3rd floor of the E building, SLU3.1.

Follow the link to see the facility layout SLU3.1 CAF

The instrumentation at SLU will include the instruments currently housed in the ISCRM flow core. Visit the SLU Instrumentation page for detailed information on what will be available.

New Address:

University of Washington
Cell Analysis Facility- E-382
Department of Immunology
Box # 358059
750 Republican St.
Seattle, WA 98109-8059


For current users of the Cell Analysis Facility, the Department of Pathology will be taking over the management of the Flow Cytometry Core in the H-581 space.

Please visit the Pathology Flow Cytometry Website for allof the current information on the facility.

The most current information about this transition will be updated as it becomes available.

The ISCRM Flow Core will be combining with the Cell Analysis Facility in June 2013. The facility will remain operational until the new facility is up and running at the new location.  It is scheduled for the ISCRM facility to shut down and move July 9th.

All user of the ISCRM facility will need to update their current BUA for sorting BSL-2 or any genetically modified samples with the new room locations; E386A & B and E377A any BSL2+ samples will need to include the E377A room number and a BSL2+ designation on the updated BUA.

If you need assistance with or have questions about the transition please contact Michele Black or Jeff Boyd.

All labs intending to use the Cell Analysis Facility at SLU for sorting will need to update their Biological Use Authorization (BUA) please refer to the SortRequirements page for detailed proceedural information.

The new room locations to include on the BUA for sorting BSL2 or any genetically modified cells are E386A & B and E377A. Sorting approved cells designated as BSL2+ will need to include the E377A room number and a BSL2+ designation on the updated BUA.

Labs remaining at main campus the continue to use the facility will not need to update the room number associated with sorting. The pathology flow core will continue to operate at a BL1/2 in the H-581C space.









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