The Families Moving Forward FASD Intervention

The Families Moving Forward (FMF) Program  helps children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD), their families, and the professionals who care for them. It is a positive parenting program designed for children from ages 3 to 13 (approximately).

Some of the aims of the Families Moving Forward Program:

  • Support parents and help them better understand their children who are affected by prenatal alcohol
  • Give parents new skills and strategies to use when caring for their children with FASD
  • Enable teachers and health care providers, as well as family members, to recognize the signs of FASD
  • Train health care providers in evidence-based services they can offer to families with alcohol-affected children
  • Encourage family progress in a positive direction
  • Restore hope and optimism to families caring for children with FASD
  • Reduce the chance that children affected by prenatal alcohol will have secondary disabilities later in life

If you think you might need treatment for a child with FASD, please call us at (206) 987-7581, or contact us at

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