For Families

Thank you for visiting the Families Moving Forward (FMF) Program site!

We know that raising individuals with FASD or prenatal alcohol exposure is challenging, and hope that you find information on the site that is helpful to you. There are links that can help caregivers find support, information about adoption, educational materials, FASD coordinators for their state, help for adults with FASD… and more.

Remember: Families cannot directly access the FMF curriculum, because the FMF Program is a method by which mental health providers can work in an FASD-informed manner with the families they serve. The FMF Program is designed for families raising children with FASD or prenatal alcohol exposure, aged 3 to 13 years.

  • If you are a parent or family member: The FMF Program is a scientifically-validated behavioral consultation intervention. Clinicians can be trained in the use of this model. If you know a clinician interested in learning about the FMF Program, please refer them to our site. We want to train more providers to help families. 
  • If you are a teacher: There is an excellent FASD Educational Strategies Handbook put together by educational experts in the field.

If you live in California (LA area), Florida, Minnesota, New York or Washington State, there may be an FMF provider near you. Email our office at: for more information.

We respect the courage and persistence of families raising individuals with FASD!

We cannot offer clinical information via this email or by phone. Contact your health care provider for specific clinical advice, or call 911 or your local crisis line.

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