Promoting Positive Outcomes in Children with FASD and their Families

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."
― Benjamin Franklin

Meeting the Challenge of FASD in Australia's Fitzroy Valley: The Lililwan Project

Meeting the Challenge of FASD in Australia's Fitzroy Valley

Under the dark and starry sky of the Southern Hemisphere, gum trees and bird life abound, and a unique and compelling Aboriginal culture exists. This culture is deeply rooted in a long and continuous, linked flow of spiritual and daily life, though also connected with mainstream Australian society.

A Story of Families Moving Forward in Action

In the words of an FMF Specialist:

Where do I begin to tell this story? I honestly feel that I’ve been inspired and touched by each of the families affected with FASD with whom I’ve worked, and that each family has their own compelling story.

Answering a Call to Action: Progress in FASD Intervention

In 2008, a national task force on FASD in the United States released a report entitled "A Call to Action."  This report highlighted the vital need for action to advance essential services and research on FASD, including work to improve intervention.  Seven years later, this call to action is being answered in many exciting ways.

Families report the FMF program meets important needs

Thoughts of an FMF Specialist:

Another reason I find this intervention powerful? It is directly linked to the top unmet needs of families raising children with conditions under the umbrella of FASD.

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