Families report the FMF program meets important needs

Thoughts of an FMF Specialist:

Another reason I find this intervention powerful? It is directly linked to the top unmet needs of families raising children with conditions under the umbrella of FASD.

61.7 % of parents want help in preparing for the worst

The FMF Specialist provides a sensitive, informed listener throughout the intervention. The FMF Module “Looking Forward” supports the caregiver in anticipating what can happen and what needs to be done for the future. This visit supports the parent through grief they often experience that goes along with looking into their child’s future. Overall, the result of this session, along with other intervention components, is that the caregiver moves toward gaining optimism, acceptance… and a realistic view of their child’s future. Here is where the flexibility of the FMF intervention comes in very handy. Not all caregivers are ready to look far into the future. Some can barely see how their child will complete the 1st grade! So in the flexible FMF Program, caregivers are empowered to choose how far… and in what way… they would like to look forward.

60.8% of parents want enough resources for themselves or their family

We know that resources are lacking for many of the families we work with. This often can be a source of discouragement. Rather than get stuck by discouragement, though, FMF infuses the intervention with ongoing discussions about creating linkages between the family and sources of support. The Services and Supports List form helps organize and record the services to which the family is already linked. The Advocacy and Linkages Session opens up discussion on what else might be appropriate community linkages. That session helps the caregiver feel empowered by education on advocacy skills. Advocacy skills are just one of the tools caregivers involved in the FMR Program walk away with in their tool box.

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