Foster MBAs Gain Hands-On Experience at Intel

About the author: Jeff Olden is a second year MBA student concentrating in finance and strategy.  Prior to the MBA program he worked as an engineering consultant specializing in energy analysis.  Outside of work he loves skiing, running, hiking, golfing, and fly-fishing. Like my fellow classmates, I came into the MBA program with a foundation... Read More

Life in Copenhagen

By Kyle Bransky, Foster Undergraduate who participated in an exchange with Copenhagen Business School (CBS) in Copenhagen, Denmark October 12: European lifestyle After spending a couple weeks in Copenhagen it is interesting to compare and contrast it from Seattle. European cites are designed to be far more compact than American cities and it only takes... Read More

Avolio, Mitchell among the 20 most-influential scholars in industrial and organizational psychology

A study forthcoming in the journal Industrial and Organizational Psychology has named Bruce Avolio and Terence Mitchell among the top 20 most-cited researchers—of all time—in the field of industrial and organizational psychology (I-O psychology). Mitchell is a professor emeritus of management and Avolio is a professor of management and the Mark Pigott Chair in Business... Read More
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