Countdown to Fall Quarter

As several months back in “the real world” for the second years wind down, it’s beginning to feel like school obligations and opportunities are appearing in our email inboxes more and more. On Monday morning I’m heading to campus to be part of a photo shoot with Phyllis Campbell, chairman of JPMorgan Chase PNW. She was gracious enough to serve as a mentor to a group of us during our first year at Foster and has requested that her Foster mentees be part of a profile a Seattle magazine is doing on her. (Photos to follow if I can get my hands on them!) Tuesday evening I’m being interviewed on camera about Foster for use in informational sessions over the next year or two. Hopefully I’ll be articulate and composed considering it will be immediately following my very last day of my internship and about 12 hours before hopping on a plane to head to Spain to hang out with a classmate for a week. My trip will be a quick whirlwind, but she’ll be there for the entire quarter studying in Madrid.

On top of those things, I’ve been trying to update student club websites and plan events for the fall quarter. I’ve been arranging coffees between all of you interested in Foster and current students, as well as attending a few myself. With more than a month until classes officially begin, all things MBA are ramping up already!