Foster Success Stories: From Teaching Middle School to Management Consulting

Audrey Almy is a management consultant at Accenture. It’s a drastic departure from the two years she spent teaching middle school science.

“I did Teach for America in a Harlem middle school,” she said. “I was teaching science and math to 6th and 8th graders. Unfortunately, the school I was working at had some challenges. I became more interested in the actual management of the school — things like tracking student data. That’s when I decided to go to business school.”

Audrey came to Foster already interested in consulting. She was able to have her interest validated, and take advantage of a variety of resources while getting her MBA.

“I chose to come to Foster because I wanted a lot of experiential learning. My applied strategy project with Providence Health & Services was really great and actually pretty fun. I joined the Consulting Society, and they helped me with a ton of one-on-one case prep.”

Audrey also credits Foster’s network for her career transition.

“The Consulting Society also opened up a lot of connections. I was able to meet Foster alums at several firms in Seattle because of it. Going into my MBA, I wasn’t well versed in the language of the industry, so having the opportunity to meet and talk with Foster alums doing the job I wanted to do was very valuable.”

Audrey took advantage of Foster’s on-campus recruiting to land an internship.

“Accenture interviewed me on campus and offered me an internship. It was an amazing opportunity. I was working with a software client, and I could speak directly to the client and really own my line of work. I spent a lot of my internship learning about the culture of the company, and found that it was a very good fit. I’m really excited to go back.”

Beyond the practical experiences and internship, Audrey found her time at Foster valuable on an intellectual level.

“My time at Foster really changed how I think. Without it, I don’t think I could’ve made it in management consulting.”

  • Subhanshu Pandey

    Hello Audrey,

    Trust you are doing good.

    Thank you for such an informative post and congratulations for your job at Accenture. As I have also applied at Foster and share the same desire of transitioning in to consulting industry after MBA, I believe that you can provide some true insights about the opportunities abailable.

    Specifically, I desire to be a part of Social Impact Consulting area of a strategy consulting firm. As per your experience what are the opportunites available for soemone like me. Also, as per the information we get here, Seattle is more about technology because of Amazon and Microsoft. So how does it impact students who seeks the careers in consulting?

    Thank you for your time.

    Take Care Audrey!

  • Salvatore Mattera

    Thanks for reaching out Subhanshu!

    Audrey graduated last year, but we are happy to connect you with a current student that can speak with you in greater depth about Foster and careers in consulting. If you would like to connect, feel free to reach out to and share some information about yourself. It goes directly to our student ambassador team. We will match you with a current student that can best address your questions.