Coping with jetlag: evidence over intuition

Jetlag. It’s an unfortunate inevitability for the modern business traveler. But Christopher Barnes, an associate professor of management at the Foster School of Business, has some learned advice. Writing in the Harvard Business Review blog, the eminent scholar on sleep and fatigue offers strategies—based on empirical evidence, not intuition—for coping with jetlag and mitigating its... Read More

JikoPower nabs second place ranking at SVP Fast Pitch 2015

JikoPower, a team of undergraduate business administration and engineering students, placed second overall in the college-level track of the SVP Fast Pitch 2015 competition. They received $2,000 in funding for their second place ranking and an additional $2,500 for winning the Grayling Master Storyteller Award. JikoPower previously won the 2015 grand prize and clean energy... Read More