Sound Barrier: Former Navy fighter pilot Ben Forrest now earns his living muting noise, not making it

The Garvey Family Atrium in PACCAR Hall is an architectural marvel, a modern descendent of the vaulted cathedrals and majestic rail stations of yesteryear. But unlike those ancient echoing chambers of humanity, the tone and timbre inside the Foster School’s central hub is… pleasant. Intelligible. You can have an intimate conversation, no matter the crowd.... Read More

Technology Management MBA Entrepreneurship Expo Night

In the Technology Management MBA Program, students are paired with a study group to hone their teamwork and leadership skills. We asked one study group to recap their experience of Entrepreneurship Expo Night, the final project of their Entrepreneurial Influence and the Pitch course. Frank Huynh (Smart Card Component Manager at The Boeing Company) describes his team’s process and... Read More

In the halls of state government, Michael DeAngelo experiments in extreme empowerment

State government—that bastion of bureaucracy—might be the last place you’d expect to find a radical experiment in organizational structure. Yet it’s happening. Inside a division of WaTech, the state of Washington’s technology solutions organization, Michael DeAngelo (MBA 2005) is transforming the workplace into a self-managing system more fluid and agile than a hierarchy could ever... Read More