Avolio, Mitchell among the 20 most-influential scholars in industrial and organizational psychology

A study forthcoming in the journal Industrial and Organizational Psychology has named Bruce Avolio and Terence Mitchell among the top 20 most-cited researchers—of all time—in the field of industrial and organizational psychology (I-O psychology). Mitchell is a professor emeritus of management and Avolio is a professor of management and the Mark Pigott Chair in Business... Read More

Technology Management MBA Admissions Tips : Selection Process

The Technology Management MBA (TMMBA) Program takes a holistic approach to the selection process for admitting new students. Executive Director Tracy Gojdics shares her insight about what makes a strong TMMBA candidate and what the TMMBA admissions selection process entails. For more information about our Admissions requirements or to attend an info session, visit our webpage or contact our Admissions... Read More

Get Up and Go!

By Christina Park, Foster Undergraduate participating in an exchange with Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea. One of the best things about studying abroad is the opportunity available to travel to nearby countries that you wouldn’t necessarily go to if you were flying directly from the states. Before I went abroad in Korea, I knew... Read More