Sales Talk: Lean in to failure

Eric Aslakson, managing partner at Northwestern Mutual, talks about how to be successful—by dealing with failure. Eric has found that to be most successful in life and business, how you deal with failure is more important than how you deal with success. In the video he covers techniques for controlling your mindset and attitude, and... Read More

Wells Fargo awards $450K to EIC

  Wells Fargo has a long history of strong environmental commitment. With more LEED-certified square footage than any other financial institutions in the world and more than $52 billion deployed to environmental finance and clean tech activities since 2012, Wells Fargo has a clear commitment to improving the planet. The Foster School of Business’ Buerk... Read More

Eighth annual EIC wraps up with a bang

  It’s the eighth year of the Alaska Airlines Environmental Innovation Challenge and possibly the most eventful yet. With more than 150 judges present — ranging from local startup leaders to sustainability managers at large corporations like Microsoft and Starbucks — innovation and strategy took center stage. Students tackled big issues with the aim of... Read More

Undergrads launch digital marketing campaigns for Seattle-based businesses

Digital marketing is no longer an emerging trend. It’s an absolute essential component to a company’s overall marketing strategy. To lead at the cutting edge, the Foster School of Business began offering a Digital Marketing class for undergraduates during the winter quarter. A key differentiator of this class is that consulting projects with Seattle based... Read More