Finding and filming “The Heart of the Game”

This article first appeared in the spring 2006 issue of UW Business. Bill Resler, an eccentric senior lecturer in tax accounting and part-time basketball coach whose scruffy appearance has been described as “Santa Claus in Birkenstocks,” doesn’t exactly fit Hollywood’s image of a leading man. Ward Serrill (BA 1978), a former CPA who doesn’t own... Read More

Palmatier cited as 12th most productive marketing researcher in the world

Even a cursory scan of Robert Palmatier’s voluminous curriculum vitae—with a column of career publications that seems to run on forever—suggests an extraordinarily productive researcher. Now we have verification. And context. The American Marketing Association has named Palmatier, a professor of marketing at the University of Washington Foster School of Business, the 12th most prolific... Read More

Flex Security System and Helping Everyone Work

By Henry Milander, Foster Undergraduate who participated in an exchange with Copenhagen Business School (CBS). Through my interactions with Danes and class on Scandinavian corporate social responsibility, I was fortunate enough to learn about Denmark’s welfare system, particularly as it pertains to employment. Democratic socialism includes holding the belief that people should live and work... Read More