Flexibility and Diversity: What Makes Foster Great. Q & A with Zachary Solomon, MBA 2020

Hometown:  Austin, TX Pre MBA Profession:  Principal Consultant, Solomon Information Services, Research and Analysis Consulting Why Foster? From the outset, I knew I was looking for a top-tier program that offered flexibility, customizability, a rich local network, and high academic rigor. After meeting with a Foster admissions counselor, it became clear that it also offered... Read More

Foster Futures: Ami Shastri

Ami Shastri (MBA 2018) is originally from Indore, India, where she was an engineer by training. She has spent the majority of her professional career as a management consultant in India and the Middle East. “I love solving problems,” she says, “and want to tackle the biggest problems faced by the tech industry today.” To... Read More

Foster Futures: Jonah Rankin

Jonah Rankin (MBA 2018) grew up in Austin, Texas, not far from the University of Texas campus, though he chose the University of Washington for his higher education. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from the UW, he worked as an engineer and project manager on waterfront projects that Seattleites utilize every day: seawalls,... Read More

Strength in Culture and Identity

Guest Speaker Aracely Godinez leads a session titled “Keeping Your Culture in Corporate America” (photo credit Khatsini Simani) Instantaneously the room broke out in laughter and smiles, a show of affirmation following a mentee’s spontaneous celebration. Guest speaker Aracely Godinez, a Regional Director of Airline Financial Analysis at Boeing who spoke about the influence of... Read More

Foster Futures: Idowu Jeremiah

Born in Lagos, Nigeria, in West Africa, Idowu Jeremiah (BA 2019) moved to the United States when she was just 12 years old. She and her two older twin sisters, who have already graduated from the University of Washington, are all first-generation students in the US. At the Foster School, Jeremiah serves as president of... Read More