MBA Clubs @ Foster: Women in Business

Foster is serious about women MBAs. With women making up 43% of the Class of 2018 (well-above the national average), Foster understands the importance of equipping women to excel in business and providing resources for women MBAs to do just that. These resources include an elective course, “Women at the Top,” which brings in regional business leaders in... Read More

Celebrating opportunities of a lifetime, and the visionary leaders who create them

“How do we solve for everyone?” asked Margo Georgiadis, Google’s president of the Americas, during her keynote conversation at the UW Foster School’s 25th annual Business Leadership Celebration October 27 at the Sheraton Seattle. It’s an appropriately ambitious goal for a company whose very name pushes the infinite. But Georgiadis, who also leads the 10,000-member... Read More

TMMBA alumni entrepreneur: Milkana Brace

TMMBA Career Management organizes co-curricular sessions for students and alumni to learn from business leaders on how they manage, grow, and change careers. We find that interest in entrepreneurism, either becoming a founder or joining a startup, continues to increase among TMMBA students. These sessions add extra insight and learning opportunities alongside our entrepreneurial curriculum.... Read More