Gale Lab


Systems Immunogenetics of Biodefense in the Collaborative Cross

The Gale Lab is partnering with Dr. Ralph Baric and Dr. Mark Heise of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and others, to develop new--genetically defined mouse models to mechanistically define the role of specific polymorphic genes and sets of genes in differentially regulating targeted immune responses.


Individual Research Projects:
Project 1: System Immunogenetics of SARS-CoV Infection

Dr. Ralph S. Baric - UNC

Project 2: System Immunogenetics of Influenza-Induced Innate & Adaptive Immunity in the Lung
Dr. Mark Heise - UNC

Project 3: System Immunogenetics of Innate Immune and Inflammatory Responses to West Nile Virus Infection
Dr. Michael Gale, Jr. - UW

Project 4: System Immunogenetics of West Nile Virus Infection: Adaptive Immunity
Dr. Jennifer Lund - FHCRC

Core A: Administrative and Education Core

Dr. Ralph S. Baric - UNC

Core B: Animal Models Core:
Dr. Fernando Pardo-Manuel de Villena - UNC

Core C: High-Throughput Molecular Profiling Core

Core D: Systems Immunogenetics Core
Dr. Shannon McWeeney - OHSU

Core E: Bioinformatics Core

UNC Systems Genetics Core