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Hepatitis C Virus Infection and Immunity
Molecular Medicine 504: Hepatitis C Virus--A Global Pandemic

Session 1 - Dr. Miriam Alter
"The Epidemiology and Natural History of Hepatitis C Virus Infection"
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Session 2 - Dr. Stephen J. Polyak
"The Molecular Virology of Hepatitis C Virus"
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Session 3 - Dr. Stanley M. Lemon
"Hepatitis C Virus and Hepatocellular Carcinogenesis"
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Session 4 - Dr. Michael Gale Jr.
"Hepatitis C Virus Infection and Immunity"

Session 5 - Dr. John D. Scott

"Current Therapy and Novel Antiviral Strategies for the Treatment of Hepatitis C Virus Infection"
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TWiV 85: Hepatitis C virus with Professor Michael Gale


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