Gale Lab



The Center for the Study of Innate Immunity to Hepatitis C virus
a component of the Hepatitis C Cooperative Research Centers funded by the NIH



The shared goal of these sites is to develop understanding of the virus/host interactions of hepatitis C virus (HCV) that regulate innate immunity, therapy, and the outcome of infection. These efforts are providing novel insights to guide the design of improved therapeutic strategies and vaccine approaches aimed at modulating HCV infection and immunity.

Our studies are focused on:
Defining the viral and host genetic determinants that confer pathogen recognition of HCV, regulate hepatic innate immune triggering, and mediate effector and evasion response during infection.
Defining the HCV/host interactions that drive hepatic IFN production and response between hepatocytes and liver dendritic cells to control HCV infection.

  Project 1:
Dr. Michael Gale, Jr.
Pathogen signaling and innate immune control by HCV
Interferon-induced hepatic MicroRNA in HCV

Administrative Core:
Dr. Michael Gale, Jr.
, Program Director
Melissa Petersen
, Center Administrator

Gale Lab

UW School of Medicine

  Project 2:
Dr. Francis Chisari
Mechanisms of interferon induction by HCV
Scripps Research Institute  

Clinical Core:
Dr. Daryl Lau
Patient Care and Biological Specimens

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center


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