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Therapeutic Application
The Gale Laboratory is in collaboration with Kineta, Inc. to develop targeted antivirals for the therapeutic control of virus infection.
Kineta Inc.
The Innate Immune Adjuvant Program aims to discover and develop small molecule innate immune adjuvants that target RIG-I-like receptors and pathways, or novel innate immune factors and pathways, to enhance immunity against RNA virus infection. These adjuvants will have the ability to stimulate innate immune pathways and overcome virus countermeasures and are therefore likely to also display antiviral properties independently of an immunogen or vaccination strategy.
  Additionally, the Gale Laboratory is working with Dr. Daryl Lau of Harvard University Medical Center to define molecular mechanisms of therapeutic action of interferon treatment of Hepatitis C infection. This project is directed by Dr. Daryl Lau.
  Multiple interactions to regulate interferon
Jak-STAT Pathway

  Interferon Stimulated Gene Expression in Human Liver Tissue

Innate Immune Gene Bioset

Innate Immune Gene Bioset

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