William B. Dobyns

William B. Dobyns, MD


Center for Integrative Brain Research

University of Washington
Box 359556
Seattle, WA 98195-9556
Phone: 206-884-1307
Email: wbd@uw.edu
Seattle Children's Profile

Dr. Dobyns leads a broad-based research program investigating the nature and causes of a wide range of human developmental brain disorders. These include malformations of the forebrain, mid-hindbrain (brainstem and cerebellum) and cerebral cortex, as well as a wide spectrum of developmental disabilities including autism, intellectual disability, early childhood "developmental" forms of epilepsy, and complex developmental disorders combining several of the above. His work includes recognition and delineation of specific conditions, identification of numerous underlying genes, and detailed phenotype and genotype-phenotype analysis. The methods used in his lab include most standard molecular genetics methods plus fluorescence in situ hybridization, chromosome microarrays (comparative genome hybridization), RNA expression arrays, methylation-sensitive assays for X inactivation, standard (Sanger) sequencing, and most recently high-throughput exome sequencing.
Faculty and Staff Directory

Division Chief

Bamshad, Michael J., MD


Adam, Margaret L.P., MD
Beck, Anita E., MD, PhD
Beier, David Randolph, MD, PhD
Bennett, James, MD PhD
Cherry, Timothy, PhD
Chong, Jessica X, PhD
Dipple, Katrina, MD, PhD
Doherty, Daniel A., MD, PhD
Earl, Dawn L., ARNP
Glass, Ian A., MD, MB ChB
Hahn, Sihoun, MD, PhD
Hing, Anne V., MD
Lam, Christina, MD
Mefford, Heather C., MD, PhD
Merritt, J. Lawrence, MD
Millen, Kathleen J., PhD
Miller, Daniel G., MD, PhD
Mirzaa, Ghayda, MD
Pagon, Roberta A., MD
Scott, C. Ronald, MD
Sun, Angela, MD
Walker, Jr., William O., MD
Wallace, Stephanie E., MD


Aldinger, Kim, PhD
Carvill, Gemma, PhD
Gallego, Jabier, PhD
Geister, Krista, PhD
Ha, Seungshin, PhD
Myers, Candace, PhD
O'Day, Diana, PhD
Yu, Joon-Ho, MPH, PhD

Genetic Counselors

Conta, Jessie, MS, CGC
Golden-Grant, Katie L, MS, CGC
Jamal, Seema M., MSc, CGC, CCGC
Ramsdell, Linda, MS, CGC
Schubert, Penny, MS, CGC
Sternen, Darci, MS, CGC
Uhrich, Stefanie, MS, CGC

Research Staff

Amell, Amanda M., BS
Bacus, Tamara J., BS
Bofferding, Kathryn, BS
Buckingham, Kati, BS
Buroker, Norman E., PhD
Cook, Joseph, MS
Dempsey, Jennifer C., MPH
Elliott, Susan E.
Frasher, Vicki A.
Garretson, Janet, MSW
Gildersleeve, Heidi, MS
Harrell, Tanya, BS
Heard, Jeff, BS
Heffernan, Janie, MS, RD
Huang, Jie-Yu, PhD
Lam, Jennfier P., MS
McMillin, Maggie J., BS
Musick, Katie, BA
Ogata, Beth, MS, RD, CSP
Person, Richard E.
Petek, Lisa, BS
Phelps, Ian, BS
Ragothaman, Kevin, BS
Shanker, Aditi, BA
Trahms, Cristine M., MS, RD
Wu, Zaining

Division Administrative Staff

Chin, Eileen, BA (Acc)
Sun , -Amy