Genetics 453 (Evolutionary Genetics) Syllabus

Winter, 2001

Instructors: Mary Kuhner and Peter Beerli

Time: Monday/Wednesday/Friday 11:30-12:20
Location: HSB J-280


Wed Jan 03Course Technicalities, Early History of Evolutionary
Fri Jan 05Population Genetics ReviewPB
Mon Jan 08SelectionMK
Wed Jan 10SelectionMK
Fri Jan 12Quantitative CharactersMK
Wed Jan 17Quantitative CharactersMK
Fri Jan 19Group, kin, species selectionMK
Mon Jan 22Gradual vs. Punctuated EvolutionMK
Wed Jan 24Mutation, Genetic DriftPB
Fri Jan 26MigrationPB
Mon Jan 29Neutral TheoryPB
Wed Jan 31Neutral TheoryPB
Fri Feb 02Tests of Neutrality, SynthesisPB
Mon Feb 05Midterm
Wed Feb 07Molecular EvolutionMK
Fri Feb 09Gene FamiliesMK
Mon Feb 12Chromosome EvolutionPB
Wed Feb 14Genome EvolutionPB
Fri Feb 16Genetic Systems - sex ratio, meiotic drive, selfish DNAMK
Wed Feb 21Genetic Systems - recombination, Muller's ratched etc.PB
Fri Feb 23Speciation mechanismsPB
Mon Feb 26PhylogenyMK
Wed Feb 28PhylogenyMK
Fri Mar 02CoalescencePB
Mon Mar 05CoalescencePB
Wed Mar 07The Tree of LifeMK
Fri Mar 09Origins and reviewMK
Wed Mar 14Final Exam 2:30-4:20

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