J. Felsenstein                                         Population Genetics
Spring 1999                                                   Genetics 562

         The following books are on reserve in Health Sciences Library
                       (all will be on 2-hour reserve)

     QH 455    Hartl, Daniel L. and A. G. Clark
     .H36        Principles of Population Genetics, 3rd ed.

     QH455     Gillespie, John H.
     .G565     Population genetics : a concise guide

     QH 371    Kimura, M.
     K53       The neutral theory of molecular evolution

     QH 371    Maynard Smith, J.
     M327        Evolutionary genetics

     QH 431    Cavalli-Sforza, L.L. and W. F. Bodmer
     C38         The genetics of human populations

     QH 431    Crow, J. F., and M. Kimura
     C886        An introduction to population genetics theory

     QH        Falconer, D. S.
     452.7       Introduction to quantitative genetics, 3rd ed.

     QH452.7    Lynch, Michael and Bruce Walsh
     .L96       Genetics and analysis of quantitative traits

     QH 455     Lewontin, R.C.
     L48          The genetic basis of evolutionary change

Note - the request to list these books on reserve went in very late, and so
 some might not be available there yet.