Nadya Ali

University of Washington, Class of 2013
Intended Biology Major

Nadya Ali is a graduate of Sammamish High School and participated in GenOM ALVA during the Summer of 2009. During her high school years she was very active in the Black Student Union, Diversity Multicultural Club, Muslim Student Association, Link Crew and Student Government.

Education, Honors, and Awards

  • Washington Research Foundation Distinguished Undergraduate Scholar, 2012-13
  • UW GenOM Project Undergraduate Research Program, 2011-12, 2012-13
  • HHMI Biology Fellows Scholar, 2009
  • GenOM ALVA Intern, Summer 2009
  • American Association of University Woman Science Scholar, 2009
  • 2009 graduate of Sammamish High School
  • National Society of High School Scholars, 2008

Research Interests

During her ALVA 2009 internship, Nadya completed research in the Department of Biology alongside VerĂ³nica Di Stilio and Patricia Salles Smith in the Di Stilio Lab at the University of Washington. Her research focused on three plants native to New Zealand, Lepidium sisymbroides, L. tenuicaule, and L. naugragorum, with the goal of their phylogenetic placement and discerning if these endangered species could be categorized in a monophyletic group. The results of such a study could provide much needed insight into the evolution of separate sexes from hermaphroditism in plants.

Nadya is currently pursuing a degree in microbiology and plans to attend medical school. She hopes to one day become a cardiac surgeon. As an undergraduate, she wants to focus her research abroad on countries suffering from the HIV/AIDS pandemic, such as Tanzania.

Research Projects

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