Adree Songco Aguas

University of Washington, Class of 2018
Neurobiology, Applied Mathematics

Adree Songco Aguas graduated from Blanchet High School in Seattle, WA on June 2014. The previous year, she interned at the Fred Hutch through the Summer High School Internship Program. She was vice president of her school’s Science and Robotics Club and National Honors Society, as well as a competitor in FIRST Robotics and the Zillah Robot Challenge.


Education, Honors, and Awards

Research Interests

Adree is broadly interested in neuroscience and cell biology. Her current research focuses on the cellular basis for retinal vision. With the mentorship of Drs. Fred Rieke and William Grimes, she has designed psychophysical paradigms to probe how rod-cone signal interactions in intermediate lighting influence human visual perception. In conjunction with cell recordings, insights from these experiments have aided their development of mathematical models that predict retinal responses to arbitrary stimuli.  

Her previous projects, under the direction of Dr. Beverly Torok-Storb, focused on using cell culturing techniques to influence the differentiation of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). This involved co-culturing iPSCs with endothelial and stromal cells as well as designing 3D collagen matrices, both of which would simulate the adult stem cell microenvironment in vivo.

Research Projects

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