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Welcome to the Genetic Services Policy Project


The GSPP Final Report is available here. May 2008.

Greg Garcia's policy white paper, "A Challenge to the Delivery of Genetic Services: Liability for Negligent Delivery of Reproductive Services," has been posted in the GSPP Resources section of this website. May 2008.

Rick Carlson's article, "Preemptive Public Policy for Genomics," was published in the Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law, 33: 39-51. February 2008.

Wylie Burke, co-investigator of the Genetic Services Policy Project, was elected to the Institute of Medicine. For more information, see the press release. 10/09/07.

The Genetic Services Policy Project (GSPP) aims to describe the current model of genetic services delivery, collect information from key stakeholders, and use stakeholder perspectives to translate genetics research into practice that will lead to more effective genetic service delivery models. GSPP combines two associated projects in genetic services research and is a collaborative effort involving:

GSPP has convened a 25-member advisory committee that represents key stakeholders such as payers, providers, consumers, researchers/academic institutions, and developers of genetic and information technologies and services. In-person advisory committee meetings are held once per year and allow the advisors, consultants, and project staff to exchange information and have discussions about genetic services and policies related to those services.


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