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Final Report of the GSPP

The final report may be downloaded in its entirety or by chapter.

Full final report:

Final Report with appendices (199 pgs)

Final Report without appendices (155 pgs)

Appendices (44 pgs)

By chapter:

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: The Delivery of Genetic Services in the United States

Chapter 3: Policy Briefs and Vignettes (79 pgs)

Chapter 4: The Role of Cost-Effectiveness Analysis in Decision Making about Genetic Services

Chapter 5: Analysis of Media Messages about Genetics

Chapter 6: Personal Genomics Services and Direct Access Genetic Tests

Chapter 7: A Changing Health Care World

Chapter 8: Recommendations

Appendix A: Dissemination Activities

Appendix B: Analysis of GINA Through the Advocacy Coalition Framework

Appendix C: Case Study of Intermountain Healthcare's Clinical Genetics Institute

Appendix D: The Emerging Landscape of Genetic Services

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