Visualizing the BP Oil Disaster

Map of Oil Disaster superimposed with oil spill

BP Oil Disaster overlaid atop Seattle

Ever wonder just how big the British Petroleum Oil Disaster is?  It can be pretty hard to wrap your mind around.  Well, this website can help.

You should definitely check out

It overlays the extent of the oil spill from the BP disaster over any location in the world.  For Seattle, this would mean an oil slick spanning from Tacoma to Vancouver, B.C. — and that’s only from the south to the north!  This screenshot was taken June 29th.  Its probably worse by the time you’re actually reading this post.

This is an excellent spatial representation of just how massive the BP oil spill disaster is.  Thanks to Derik Anderoli and Mike Babb for pointing this out to me!  More importantly, it suggests how Google mashups and other geoweb applications can be used for advocacy purposes.  I knew the spill was big, but this really puts it in perspective.

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