Environmental Activist Calls on Colleges to Diversify Sustainability

“Sustainability studies” courses and degree programs often fail to include considerations of race & socioeconomics.   UW Geography in fact has moved in the opposite direction: one of the new tracks in our major is intentionally named “Environment, Economy and Sustainability”, and many courses in that track –Geog 276, Intro to Political Geography, Geog 302, The Pacific Northwest , Geog 445, The Geography of Housing, Geog 471, Methods of Resource Analysis, and Geog 490, The Seattle Region–are also in our new “Cities, Citizenship and Migration” track.  The Chronicle of Education has an interesting article on diversifying sustainability:

Jerome Ringo, a prominent environmental activist, kicked off the annual meeting of the Society for College and University Planning with a talk about sustainability—but with an angle on the topic often overlooked by sustainability advocates on college campuses. Mr. Ringo, who is African-American and from the battered state of Louisiana, focused on racial and socioeconomic facets of sustainability—that is, how college sustainability programs often overlook the poor and the nonwhite.

Environmental Activist Calls on Colleges to Diversify Sustainability – Buildings & Grounds – The Chronicle of Higher Education.

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