Alumni Spotlight: Whitney Bosel

Whitney Bosel became interested in the discipline of Geography after enrolling in Professor Vicky Lawson’s Geography 230, Urbanization and Development: Geographies of Global Inequality, her freshman year. The class exposed her to global injustices, inspiring her to learn more and get involved in social justice issues. For Whitney, geography brings together many personal interests, including material covered in departments such as Community and Environmental Planning, Urban Planning; Law, Societies & Justice, and International Studies.

Whitney is fundamentally interested in the concept of space central to geographic inquiry, as well as the relations of people and places across the globe and how those relationships produce injustice. She also has a passion for traveling, having studied in Rome Geography Professors Sparke and Mitchell, lived in France during high school, and is considering studying abroad with Professor Craig Jeffrey in India this coming fall.

Whitney is an member of the University of Washington’s Honors College, and, in addition to majoring in Geography, is also earning a BA in Art and a minor in French. She has recently been named a member of the honors society Phi Beta Kappa. After graduation, she’s considering either earning a Law/Business degree or getting a Masters in Fine Arts. Either way, she plans to continue her social justice/action-oriented work in the future.

While at the University of Washington, Whitney has participated in the Darfur group, WashPirg, and with Amnesty International groups on campus. She also sits on the board for the new Social Sciences Learning Link, SLink. Much of Whitney’s extra-curricular time is spent on artwork. The current Interdisciplinary Visual Arts Senior Exhibit includes an installation of her photography titled ‘lightplay’.

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