Alumni Spotlight: J.J. Bach

Department of Geography graduate J.J. Bach interned with the City of Seattle, Seattle Public Utilities while an undergraduate in the department, serving as a GIS Data Maintenance Intern with the City of Seattle from July 2007 – June 2008. This position lead to a temporary position with King County Roads Division GIS as a GIS analyst (official title: Technical Information Processing Specialist), editing and maintaining the transportation network feature data layer, and then a GIS Analyst position with the Seattle Pub lic Schools. At SPS, J.J. works closely with the district’s other GIS Analyst to create maps and data for school board members, internal staff meetings, and assorted general purposes. The job is centered around student enrollment data, school closures, attendance patterns, demographics, website map updates, and production of maps for the district enrollment guide. In addition to map creation using ArcMap, Adobe Illustrator, and PhotoShop, he uses Microsoft Excel and Access for analysis.

In his city and county jobs, J.J.:
– worked with the Water and Sewer & Drainage groups performing data maintenance tasks to annotation, watermain, sewer mainline, and maintenance hole feature data layers
– interpreted source materials such as engineering plans, water system map book, online mapping services, side sewer cards, and legal descriptions
– created procedural documentation, attended staff meetings, and participated in two separate field studies using a hand-held GPS device.

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