Environmental Stewardship On Bainbridge

Sounds like a very cool, ten and a half month internship opportunity¬† as an “environmental steward” on Bainbridge Island:

Bainbridge Island Land Trust is a nongovernmental, member-supported nonprofit organization whose mission is to preserve and steward the diverse natural environment of Bainbridge Island, Washington for the benefit of all. To achieve this goal, the Bainbridge Island Land Trust acquires interests in land having significant or potentially significant conservation values such as scenic vistas, wetlands, open spaces, nearshore lands, forests, fertile agricultural lands, unique plant and animal habitats and stream and wildlife corridors. We work with private landowners to protect their land using land protection agreements called conservation easements. We also work with a variety of partners to acquire land for parks, trails and public use. Bainbridge Island Land Trust is currently seeking candidates for a full-time, 10.5 month AmeriCorps intern to fill the post of: Stewardship Coordinator

Note: must become affiliated with Americorps.

Job Opening for AmeriCorps Intern Stewardship Coordinator.

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