Autumn 2010 Geography Colloquium Series Speakers

The Colloquium Committee has prepared the fall schedule of speakers, and are very excited for each of these events. As part of our wonderful new website, a colloquium page is in the works and will soon serve as a forum to explore each speaker’s research in more detail before their visits. We will also be uploading videos after the talk.  That is coming very soon, but until that time, we’re posting the schedule of speakers so that you can reserve the dates on your calendars and help us welcome these fabulous scholars to our department!

The Geography Colloquium continues to be on Fridays from 3:30 to 5pm, but this year we’ll gather in Smith 407 to hear the talks. Colloquium reception will follow as usual in Smith 409.

AU 2010 Colloquium Guests:

Oct. 8 – Alec Murphy, University of Oregon
Oct. 11 – Ananya Roy, UC Berkeley (Please note this is a Monday lecture at 7pm, in Kane Hall 120; There will be a brown bag lunch w/ grads Tues.10/12 12:30pm Smith 409)
Oct. 22 – Stuart Elden, Durham University
Nov. 12 – Nick Blomley, Simon Fraser University
Nov. 19 – Sarah Elwood, Pedagogy Seminar Series
Dec. 3 – Francis Harvey, University of Minnesota

We look forward to seeing you all at these colloquium events!

2010-11 Colloquium Committee
Sara Gilbert, Lucy Jarosz, and Amy Piedalue

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