Clashes at Gay Pride

At least eight people have been injured in clashes during the opening ceremony of Bosnia’s first gay festival in the capital Sarajevo, police have said.


They said dozens of men attacked participants of the festival in front of the city’s Academy of Fine Arts.

A foreigner and journalists were reportedly among the injured.

Homosexuality is very much a taboo issue in Bosnia and organisers of the Queer Festival have received death threats, correspondents say.

Anti-gay protesters attacked the festival participants as they were leaving the opening ceremony in central Sarajevo on Wednesday evening.

Many demonstrators chanted “Kill the Gays!” and “Allahu Akbar!” (God is Great).

“When I was getting out of the academy, I was suddenly struck in the back. Three other people then came running and beat me up,” festival participant Pedja Kojovic told the AFP news agency.

Violence spread to nearby streets, before police managed to disperse the protesters.

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