Now Urbanism lectures announced!

The Simpson Center for the Humanities has a series of lectures focusing on “NowUrbanism” as a component of the NEXT City initiative.  The series of seminars runs year-long until May 26.   You can check out the schedule here:

Here’s a short blurb from the website:

The urban age has been a long one. In 1900, only sixteen cities in the world had populations of one million people or more. By 2000, there were 417. In 1950, only one city in the world had a population of over ten million people; today, there are 19 megacities.
Building the rubric of Now Urbanism, we must move beyond visions of cities that disregard the richness and complexity of the present: NOW. Urban is not the form of human settlement. Urban is a way of looking at the world. Now Urbanism is a critical and complex practice that is simultaneously local, regional, and global.

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