Where do you feel unsafe? Student perception of safe spaces in and around campus

Credit: Sang Cho/The Daily

GEOG 476 students surveyed 1000 students about perception of safe spaces in and around campus. Professor Kim England and students Abigail Pearl and Sonya Prasertong are producing a report that summarizes the results of the survey and makes recommendations based on students’ suggestions.  At the top of the list of places students perceived to be unsafe are the Burke Gilman Trail, the Ave and the staircase linking north campus to the Montlake Parking Lot and the IMA.  Two-thirds of those surveyed said they consciously shift their daily routine to avoid traveling to certain areas and many choose not to attend study groups and campus activities at night.  “As a women’s studies major, and a woman, I think myself and others feel unsafe more than other people might,” Pearl said. “One of the big issues is that women in particular curtail their activities based on perception.”  The report will be given to the Administration and UWPD.  Recommendations include better maintenance of greenery and lighting; more foot patrols by UWPD, especially at night; making a sticker of all UW emergency and safety services and handing them out to students; and encouraging students to save those numbers in their cell phones in case of an emergency.  “There’s not enough information about research and services on campus compiled in one place,” England said. “You need to be able to access it, and an emergency sticker everywhere on campus would help.”  The final report will be presented to the Administration and the UWPD.  “If the administration can recognize that the general UW community is a huge resource (of ideas), improvements can easily and cheaply be made,” Prasertong said.

The Daily story: http://dailyuw.com/2010/10/25/where-do-you-feel-unsafe/


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