International migration to double by 2050

international migration

The world will be taken by surprise by the relentless pace of migration unless States, international organizations and civil society make a concerted effort to invest in how they respond to it, says the World Migration Report (WMR) 2010 launched today by the International Organization for Migration (IOM). The number of international migrants is expected to double to reach over 405 million by the year 2050, according to the UN International Organization for Migration. In its annual World Migration Report,  IOM says the growing number of workers in developing countries and people fleeing the effects of climate change will contribute to the steep rise in international migrants.

Frank Laczko from IOM says emerging economies of Asia, Africa and Latin America are becoming important countries of destination for labour migrants.

“Migration today remains at an all time high despite the economic crisis. Although we have seen significant increase in unemployment among migrant workers in the last few years, with unemployment rates for migrants often twice and high as for local workers, we have not seen a substantial movement towards return to countries of origin even though some countries have introduced incentives to try and encourage migrants to go back home migrants have often not been persuaded because they know they are often the conditions at home are far worse than they are here in Europe or in North America.”

United Nations Radio: International migration to double:IOM.

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