Professor Lucy Jarosz Awarded Faculty Research Grant

Lucy Jarosz’s research project, “How Local Food Systems Address Hunger” compares how hunger is addressed through community gardening and urban farming in Vancouver, British Columbia, and Seattle, Washington. Through a series of interviews with gardeners, urban farmers, food distribution and food banking directors, it examines the motivations and experiences of the people working to produce and distribute fresh, locally and organically grown produce to those who cannot afford to buy it. This comparative project investigates the emergence and development of urban gardening and farming projects designed to give food to those most vulnerable members of each community in order to identify the constraints and challenges local food systems face as the numbers of hungry people increase in each nation due to changes in social policy, the current economic crisis and the continued global and regional rise in food prices.

You can learn more about Professor Lucy Jarosz’s work by visiting her website.

Text and photo borrowed from the Jackson School website, Canadian Studies Center Page.

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