Arts’ Community’s Economic Impact: Bill Beyers’ Latest Study

$2 billion annual economic impact

32, 520 jobs

$882 million in labor income

$83 million in taxes

Geography Professor Bill Beyers’ continuing studies of the economic impact of arts in the Puget Sound region was recently featured on KUOW radio.  As reporter Marcie Sillman explained:

A new study of almost 360 cultural organizations found that, despite the recession, arts, heritage and nonprofit science groups generated almost $2 billion in business activity in 2009. That figure includes everything from ticket sales to salaries to tax revenues.

The study was commissioned by Seattle–based ArtsFund and led by University of Washington researcher William Beyers. Beyers and his team relied on data from cultural groups in four central Puget Sound area counties, along with surveys of more than 3,000 cultural patrons.

ArtsFund has commissioned three past studies of the economic impact of the arts in the region. The new study expands the scope of research to include zoos and science museums. Even when the income from the additional organizations was factored out of the study results, Beyers and his team noted that the economic impact of the region’s cultural groups had increased. They employed more than 32,000 people in 2009.

Art’s Economic Impact.

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