Daily Social Science Fix: A Roundup of Serious, Surreal and Sublime Scholarly Articles

National Affairs/The Public Interest offers a fascinating daily compendium of summaries of (and links to) around twenty social science articles, ranging in topics from children, marriage and family to immigration to health care.  Characterized as “A Daily Roundup of Academic Studies Serious, Surreal, Sublime and otherwise,” this site, compiled by Kevin Lewis, become all-too-addictive.  The single-topic-a-day format delivers a lot of diversity within a single thematic focus.  This week’s topics so far include:

Wed., Jan 5, “Family Matters,” with summaries of studies on income & labor force participation for never-married mothers, divorce laws and the behavior of married couples, child support payment and men’s subsequent marriage and fertility, and a fascinating one called “Parenting, courtship, Disneyland and the human brain”.

Tue., Jan 4, “On Balance,” offering summaries of articles on “Sustainability and the Measurement of Wealth” (by Kenneth Arrow),  “Dynamic Scoring, Tax Evasion and the Shadow Economy”, and “Tax Compliance as an Evolutionary Coordination Game: An Agent-Based Approach”.

Mon., Jan 3: “Waiting For $100 Trillion”,  offering summaries of articles on “Latino Representation and Education: Pathways to Latino Student Performance”,  “It’s Easier to Pick a Good Teacher than to Train One: Familiar and New Results on the Correlates of Teacher Effectiveness,”  and “High Skills But Low Scores”.

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