Internship: Asia Pacific Civil-Military Disaster Assistance Research Intern

Peace Winds America is a disaster preparedness, response and recovery organization. Peace Winds America advocates for increased collaboration between governments, militaries, NGOs, and the private sector to prepare for and respond to natural disasters in Japan and the Asia-Pacific, with the Japan – U.S. relationship as the cornerstone of humanitarian assistance in the region.

Opportunities of position: Gain experience in international relations. Gain expertise in civil-military disaster policies, programs, training, and research. Gain expertise in the policies and procedures of select Host Nations receiving humanitarian aid. Assist with preparing documents for senior government, military, and NGO officials. Help connect international communities and leaders. Gain experience in the non-profit industry.

Description: Research, review/analyze, and evaluate the existing civil-military disaster policies, programs, and training for the initial phase of the 18 month program “Civil-Military Disaster Preparedness Initiative”:
(a) Collect data on the disaster response activities of Japan and the U.S. for disasters in the Asia Pacific over the last ten years.
(b) Clarify and categorize existing disaster policies, plans, exercises and trainings.
(c) Examine the Japan and U.S. civil-military disaster policies, procedures and programs, reviewing documents, program briefs, and evaluations.
(d) Determine effectiveness and results of existing trainings, i.e., capabilities increased, contacts and connectivity established, coordination enhanced amongst the various groups involved (militaries, ministries, NGO communities, and host nations).
(e) Identify areas for improvement and means to increase coordination and collaboration during both planning and operations, while reducing costs.
(f) Assist with drafting and editing of civil-military literary reviews, conference proceedings, policy recommendations, policy briefs, and other materials as required.

Qualifications: Current graduate student or recent Master’s Degree preferred. Excellent research, analytical, and writing skills. Experience in Asian research, particularly disaster preparedness/relief, humanitarian assistance, civil-military collaboration, or international relations. Knowledge of Japanese or another Asian language is a plus.

We expect the intern will work 10 to 20 hours a week for three to six months. The internship begins in January, 2011. Although this position is not paid, through the internship at Peace Winds America you will gain valuable knowledge and experience in the field of nonprofit management and international humanitarian assistance.

How to Apply:

Please submit a resume and a cover letter explaining why you would like this position and what specific skills and qualifications you would bring to Peace Winds America to We anticipate filling the internship immediately.

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