New Minor in Ecological Restoration

The School of Forest Resources (within the College of the Environment) has just established a new tri-campus minor in Ecological Restoration. It’s not quite on the university website or in DARS yet, but it is official. Here’s what it looks like:

Minor in Ecological Restoration

25 Credits Minimum with the following:

  • ESRM 362 (5) Intro to Restoration Ecology
  • ESRM 462, 463, 464 (10) Restoration Ecology Capstone
  • 10 Credits from:  BIOL 117/317; ESRM 479; ESRM 331; ESRM 411; ESRM 412; ESRM 415; ESRM 425; ESRM 458; ESRM 472; ESRM 473; ESRM 480; ESRM 481 OR FISH 428.
  • 2.0 minimum grade in minor courses; 15 credits minimum at UW
  • No more than 10 credits of overlap w/major  (there is an option in the Environmental Science and Resource Management major for those interested in Restoration)

This could be a great minor for Geography majors, especially for those with an interest in environment and sustainability!

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