Reel to Real Film Series – My Cultural Divide

The next film in the R2R series,  My Cultural Divide (2006), will be shown  in the Allen Library Auditorium at 3:30pm on February 15th. This touching and thought provoking film examines the merits of ethical consumerism as Lutchmedial enters the world of factory workers in Bangladesh. Hope to see many of you there!

Filmmaker Faisal Lutchmedial goes beyond the activist stereotype as he takes
a personal journey into his mother’s native country for the first time. A
three month visit to Bangladesh becomes a discovery of family and home that
runs parallel with his attempt to tackle the complex issue of global trade.
Starting from the opening scene My Cultural Divide questions the logic of
the hardcore political activist, and wonders aloud whether ethical consuming
actually does anything good for the workers behind the machines. Because of
family connections Lutchmedial makes his way into some of the worst
factories in Bangladesh, and talks frankly with the workers inside about
their job and living conditions. Sometimes contradicting western activists,
the labour leaders he speaks to soon make Lutchmedial question his own
long-standing beliefs on child labour and personal responsibility.
Accompanied by his ailing mother, Lutchmedial takes us on a very personal
journey to bridge the gap between his heritage in Bangladesh and his life in Canada. He connects his
politics with his humanity, and weaves together a story that is both thought
provoking and touching.

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