Geography Majors Presenting Their Research

Geography majors’ work is on full display over the next two weeks at two showcases of undergraduate research:

  • The campus-wide Undergraduate Research Symposium, Friday, May 20, in Mary Gates Hall, and
  • The 13th-annual Geography Undergraduate Research Symposium, Friday, June 3, 9-4 in Smith 415

The following Geography majors presented at the May 20 event, and abstracts of their work can be found here:

  • Samantha Ryder: Culture of Water: Understanding Relationships between Waste-water and Urban Landscapes in Tukwila and Renton
  • Anna Xue: Transitions, Adaptations, and Traditions of Healthcare across Burien, Tukwila, and Renton
  • Melissa Espinoza: Personal Transitions into a Transforming Religious Landscape
  • Sarah Elwood, Courtney Lawson, Allison Howe, Aylan Lee, Marijke Schwarz Smith: Geospatial Transitions and the Evolution of Line D
  • Claire Bohmann, Lindsay Schrupp, Mackenzie Martin: Home on the Highway: Geographies of Disruption Along Aurora Avenue
  • Michael Peralta, The Politics of Education for Pacific Islander Students
  • Barbie-Danielle Hall, Centering Mixed identities and Racialized Bodies: Expanding the Discourse
  • Youjin Choe, Show Me The Money: Achieving Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights through Government Budgets Program for the June 3 departmental event, which is open to the public.

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