Upcoming Colloquium: Colin Flint on ‘Geopolitical Constructs: Making the Mulberry Harbours, Geopolitical Agents and Geopolitical Regions’

Please join us this Friday at 3:30 in Smith 304 for the first of our spring quarter colloquia. Colin Flint will be joining us from Utah State University. His talk is titled “Geopolitical Constructs: Making the Mulberry Harbours, Geopolitical Agents and Geopolitical Regions”. As always, please join us following the talk for a reception in Smith 409.
The Mulberry Harbours were massive artificial constructs dragged across the English Channel in the immediate wake of the Allied invasion forces of D-Day, June 6, 1944. They were designed to ensure the continuous supply of personnel and materiel that would support the military advance towards Germany. The story of the making of the harbors is used to illustrate the concept of Geopolitical Constructs; the multi-scalar creation of geopolitical subjects, government bureaucracy, place-specific economic activity, and regions defined by a particular geopolitical agenda. The historical legacy of these constructs is addressed. The concept of Geopolitical Constructs is proposed in order to re-instate “big picture” or global geopolitical narratives in to political geography, but in a non-deterministic fashion.

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