Upcoming Colloquium: Dr. Juanita Sundberg on ‘Imperialism as a Way of Life in the United States – Mexico Borderlands’

This week we will have our first colloquium of the year!  Juanita Sundberg will be joining us from UBC to give a talk on “Imperialism as a Way of Life in the United States – Mexico Borderlands” on October 3rd at 3:30 pm in Smith 304. There will be a reception following the talk in Smith 305 (across the hall). Note that this is a change in location from previous years. The abstract for the talk is below. Thanks, and hope to see you there!


“Imperialism as a Way of Life in the United States-Mexico Borderlands”

This presentation situates recent events in the U.S.-Mexico borderlands in relation to modalities of power used in the expansion of U.S. imperial hegemony.  Specifically, I link acts of legal suspension to expedite construction of border barriers on the U.S. southern border with genealogies of imperial dispossession and racial violence to build an argument about imperialism as a way of life in the U.S. In so doing, my goal is to support ongoing efforts to forge coalitions better able to contest legal suspension as a predominant technique of government.


Fall colloquia announced!

Our schedule for the first colloquia of 2014 is available!  Please visit our colloquium page for more information.