Prof. Michael Brown and his art featured on Faculty Friday!

BROWN_300X400The Whole U publication has featured Prof. Michael Brown in its weekly article, Faculty Friday.  Click here to read more about Prof. Brown and his artistic approach to understanding his field of research.

They write: Brown researches the geography of gender, sexuality, and the gay and lesbian community (he’s also an adjunct lecturer in the Department of Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies). Along with UW Tacoma Professor Larry Knopp, his current work looks into Seattle’s gay and lesbian population during the pre-AIDs era.

While his paintings of Seattle are geographically related to aspects of his research, they serve a different purpose for him.

“The painting is trying to think of Seattle as my home, as a place where I live,” he said. “With the research being historical, it’s trying to understand what this place I live used to be like.”

Jim Thatcher speaks at December 4th Colloquium

thatcherJim Thatcher is an Assistant Professor in Urban Studies at the University of Washington – Tacoma. His research drives at intersections between GIScience, Critical Geography, and Urban Studies as part of a nascent subfield called Critical Data Studies. His current research focuses on the provenance of purported ‘big data,’ and the recursive sociocultural processes that constitute it. His work on data, mobile applications, and urban environments has been featured in The Atlantic and on NPR. Most recently, he was awarded an NSF CyberGIS fellowship to develop new curriculum around emerging geospatial technologies.


I outline the oft-overlooked means by which end-users come to embrace and reject the mobile applications through which spatial data are created, commodified, and controlled. These processes necessitate a rethinking of the epistemological leap from individual to data point through a (re)seating of the individual subject as object of ‘big data’ research.