Diversity and inclusivity

diversityWe seek to foster an inclusive and reflexive community by actively working against intentional and unintentional exclusionary practices.
Our work on diversity and community encompasses intersecting dimensions of difference (gender, class, race, disability, religion, sexual orientation) and values how we do our work as much as what work we do.

Katie Gillespie speaking at Seattle Town Hall, May 8


From the UW news blog:

UW lecturer Katie Gillespie will join Farm Sanctuary co-founder Gene Baur at Town Hall in Seattle May 8 for a discussion about the ethical and environmental impacts of eating animals. The two, both vegans, will share lessons they’ve learned about animal rights and the value of respecting nature.

Gillespie is a lecturer in the UW’s geography department, Honors Program and Comparative History of Ideas program and co-organizes the UW-based Critical Animal Studies Working Group.

Her upcoming book “The Cow with Ear Tag #1389,” slated for publication by the University of Chicago Press next year, stems from Gillespie’s dissertation research into the lives of cows in the Pacific Northwest dairy industry. An essay about the cow in the title was published online last year (warning: it’s not an easy read).

Baur is the president of Farm Sanctuary, a New York-based organization he co-founded in 1986 to combat factory farming and raise awareness about animal rights. The organization runs sanctuaries in New York and California for rescued farm animals and advocates for policy changes around factory farming. Called “the conscience of the food movement” by Time magazine, Baur is the author of “Living the Farm Sanctuary Life.”

Gillespie and Baur’s talk starts at 7:30 p.m. Friday, May 8. Tickets are $5 and available online.