Colloquium provides a space for shared intellectual exploration within UW Geography, while also welcoming guest speakers and listeners from outside the department. Each year the UW Geography department hosts a lecture series, inviting guest speakers to share exciting new research from various subfields of Geography and from intersecting disciplines. The annual Colloquium series brings faculty guests from universities across the United States, as well as honored guests working here at the University of Washington in a range of disciplines. Graduate students nearing the completion of their PhD work are also invited to present their research in this forum. The colloquium series also hosts Special Workshops, which are often aimed at graduate students’ needs and include a Pedagogy Seminar Series taught by department faculty, as well as workshops on funding, human subjects review, and library resources and tools.

Colloquium lectures take place in Smith Hall, room 304 on Friday afternoons at 3:30pm. A reception with light refreshments follows each talk (upstairs in Smith 409). The current schedule of speakers is listed below. Additional information about these and past guests can be found on the Schedule of Guest Speakers & Workshops page. In addition, guests invited to talk at our colloquium series can find information about their visit here.

Talks announced for Autumn 2015 Colloquia!

Colloquium presentation at 3:30 pm, Smith 304
“Unmaking the Bomb: Waste, Health, and the Politics of Impossibility.”
Shannon Cram (PhD, UC Berkeley) is Assistant Professor of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences at UW Bothell, where she teaches classes in Science, Technology and Society. A Geographer by training, she is interested in complex relationships between nature, power and the body.

Brownbag at 12 pm, Smith 411
Colloquium Presentation at 3:30 pm, Smith 304
Natalie Oswin (PhD, University of British Columbia) studies the geographies of sexuality, drawing on queer and postcolonial theories to understand the workings of heteronormativity in various sites. Dr. Oswin has conducted field research in Singapore and South Africa and engaged in conceptual work on the notion of queer geographies, the sexual politics of global urbanism, and the politics of mobility in global cities.

Colloquium Presentation at 3:30pm, Smith 304
Ren Yuan is a Professor of Demography and Urban Studies at Fudan University. His research focuses on China, with topics including: population, urbanization and rural-urban migration, industrial cluster and regional economy, global city and global-local nexus, climate change and coastal urban development.

Colloquium presentation at 3:30 pm, Smith 304
Jim Thatcher (PhD, Clark University) is Assistant Professor of Urban Studies at UW Tacoma. Dr. Thatcher researches how geospatial technologies are changing people’s daily lives, and their interactions in the cities where they live. He was recently awarded a CyberGIS fellowship from the National Science Foundation to develop a new program in geospatial technologies.