Community Engagement

Improving health through community participation in a poor Ghanaian Community
Nima-Maamobi, Accra, Ghana. | August, 2006

Our mission is to provide a nonprofit environment with low overhead for health action, and basic and applied social and health research in urban slums in Africa. This should lead to the betterment of the people in areas that we serve. We embrace the goals of research in support of community based change, and realize that health is a product of underlying social inequality, environmental degradation, and fundamental biologic processes.

Jonathan Mayer, PhD
Professor of Epidemiology and Geography

Queering Historical Geography
Seattle, Washington | August, 2004 |

‘Queering historical geography’ is a participatory action-research project that researches, inteprets and communicates the geographies and histories of queer people and communities in Seattle specifically, and the Northwest more generally.’

Michael Brown, PhD

The Greater Humboldt Park Community GIS Project
Chicago, IL | Ongoing |

The Greater Humboldt Park Community GIS Project is a collaboration involving Sarah Elwood, residents of Chicago’s Humboldt Park and West Humboldt Park areas, the Near Northwest Neighborhood Network, and the West Humboldt Park Family and Community Development Council. Our community-based data collection, mapping, GIS skill building, and GIS application efforts are part of a 5-year research, teaching, and community development project entitled “Transforming the Politics of Place.” We seek to understand the social and political impacts of community-based GIS use, incorporate participatory action research in undergraduate GIS education, and develop sustainable GIS capacities in grassroots groups.

Sarah Elwood, PhD
Associate Professor

The Participatory Geographic Information Systems for Transportation (PGIST) project
Seattle, Washington | Ongoing |

The Participatory Geographic Information Systems for Transportation (PGIST) project is studying how GIS and Internet technologies can improve public participation in transportation decision making. We are working with regional agencies and stakeholders to develop and evaluate on-line tools for expanding public participation in transportation improvement programming for the central Puget Sound region. We aim to improve peoples’ ability to express their views and expand their knowledge, in order to come to a shared understanding about transportation related concerns, and then voice choices about project recommendations.

Tim Nyerges, PhD